Taiyamo Denku 'The Darker Side of Light' LP

During a time of shelter and confinement, Taiyamo Denku continues to move forward with his newest album 'The Darker Side of Light'. 

The Milwaukee native has spent the last few months teasing with singles from the album and claims this is his best album to date, and why not, he has a new producer, great features and a lot of lyrics to prove just that.  

Bo Faat, the German-based producer crafted all the production on the project bringing Denku’s lyricism to life. The 19- track album also features Hip-Hop heavyweights Killah Priest, 38 Spesh, Planet Asia, Che Noir, BIG SHUG, Cambatta and more. ‘The Darker Side of Light’ exudes a good vibe with captivating concepts.