Mic Handz, 9th Installment of Covid-48 Freestyle Series, “When My Homies Call”

Mic Handz drops the 9th installment of his Covid-48 freestyle series, “When My Homies Call.”

Handz mentions “If My Homies Call” by Tupac Shakur as his favorite Tupac record. He adds ‘2pacalypse Now’ was the one of the first West Coast albums he owned. 

“The energy that Tupac brought to this sound and the message it conveyed shaped the morals of the street code I lived by once I started that chapter of my life...anyone that knows me knows I'm not a Michael Jackson gangsta I never "Wanna be starting something" but my Mr. Cee game (no weird shit) is absolutely one of the "Strongest finishers in the game" and never in my history has anyone been able to say I left them or didn't ride for them.” 

 Furthermore, Handz declares, “If you need my assistance, there'll be no resistance… I'll be there in an instance" words I live by till this day even in my current condition for the people I love.” Stream “When My Homies Call” and connect below.

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