Revenge of the Truence - H1N1 (Video)

The Revenge of the Truence new project "H1N1" is centralized around a different kind of illness and disorder. To this day in many inner-city communities, young men and women are plagued by poor education, lack of resources, and dilapidated buildings. Along with other variables, environments are created in which the general population has an inability to advance. Muggz & Tay Dayne challenge this normality with their Endemic Emerald produced project. From records like "The Outbreak" to "Major Way", R.O.T shows us that although you may not start with much you can always build your own way out. Watch and share the new H1N1 video via youtube below & pick up a copy of the 12" vinyl which drops June 19th via No Cure Records / Fatbeats / Ingrooves.

H1N1 Tracklist:

1. The Outbreak
2. Table of Elements
3. H1N1
4. Trading Places
5. Holistic Remedies