eBurner & K.I.R.K. - U (EP)

The EP - U - is a gastronomy of Austin's Hip Hop flavors, presented on the theme of "Universality". Each song from start to finish takes you on the thematic journey from falling at your best point in life and learning to keep going and never give up; learning from your mistakes and finding success; self-discovery and love; to owning and inspiring others to overcome all the trials and tribulations from the journey. This journey is very much in the shape of a "U".

The EP is part of a two-part project by K.I.R.K. Part 1 is ROI (Never Sell Out) with K.I.R.K. and Ruler Why as the producers, while U is Part 2, produced entirely by eBurner bringing out K.I.R.K.'s vision.

Check out the EP and grab your copy below.



Submitted by I Still Love H.E.R., Germany