Big Bob Presents Craig G - The Pen is Mightier (Album)

The "Pen is Mightier" is an inspiring synthesis of straightforward bars & beats, the foundation of hip hop.  This art is rooted in boom-bap rap articulated by the grand presence of Craig G’s extraordinary & polished storytelling.  Each track follows respectively with a soundscape that seamlessly melds one into the other courtesy of avant grade hip hop producer BigBob. This teamwork between emcee and producer is not a traditional formulaic approach.

Poke The Bear teases a classic guitar riff-heavy on the melody, which Craig G flows his speech with true stories from a seasoned person living on earth.  Original Recipe is sheerly uncomplicated, letting Craig G’s craft shine and messages flow through.  Asphyxia is menacing and thrilling.  An eerie soundscape coupled with Craig G’s divisive yet common story of America.  The ominous ambiance continues on as we are navigated on this musical journey halfway through with Contract Killer. The droning bass line is guided by Craig G’s texturally interesting story.   Fight For It brightens up the album with a hopeful message, a perfect anthem for winning and not giving up.  BigBob gets inspired by gangster movie vignettes, pairing his signature heavy drum patterns with swaying melodic strings for The Disagreeables.  Craig G chronicles personal experiences with communication, unpacking a myriad of tales before he takes us on one more melancholic and agitating ride with Riot.  The edgy ambiance is the lead up for the victory anthem and final song, Every Chance You Get with a heavy sonic sound of pure drum and bass heaven with sinister sound effects and crafted cuts by LD-on-the-Cut. 

The continued evolution of Craig G as an emcee, with his devised word plays express his hyperkinetic delivery and originality which is analogous in this work with BigBob. 


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