Senica Da Misfit - Masterpiece (EP)


Maryland's own Senica Da Misfit delivers his highly acclaimed opus EP, Masterpiece accompanied with 6 banging tracks from start to finish. The gritty and raw production from Neckbrace Productions, Mr. Eous Sounds and Cino Junior executive produced by DJ Darkfada never falls short of capturing Senica's masterful wordplay and conceptual street lyricism.

Soulful break loops from records like "Church Offering" dive deep into your mental stratosphere when Senica spits lines "I seize the plan, the truth I believe in God, never believe in man" embodies the vision he sets out to give the listeners.

He reaches his true crescendo with the title record "Masterpiece" assisted by World-renowned DJ Grazzhoppa that takes the essence of true hip hop and displays it on wax in the most boom-bap and grimy way. 


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