Kaz Money Unleashes The Pain (Single)

Kaz Money has been on roll in 2021 and has kept his promise of delivering at least one single a month for the rest of the year. Produced by Pancho, 'The Pain' explores the ups and downs of being a creative, the music industry with keen observations and a catchy hook.

"When I first started making music, I used to always think about what people wanted to hear and I tried to cater to the audience. I quickly realized that it made me dislike the process and the end product was a pile of hot garbage. I now approach music from a pretty selfish place so needless to say my relationship with music has always been a strange one. On 'The Pain' I question if this chase is actually worth it or if I may be better off just doing some other shit."


Available Streams and Downloads - https://songwhip.com/kaz-money/the-pain


Submitted by Andreas (Goon Promotion)