Boxguts and Beatahoe - Hot Bref Boy Volume 8 (Album)

HBB8 is the first official album of Boxguts's epic series Hot Bref Boy. This volume contains 23 original songs and is produced exclusively by Beatahoe. The LP blazes front to back without a single dud. From Boxguts's incredible wordplay, wild creativity, original delivery style, and raw cadences to Beatahoe's masterful drum pad skills, unique soundscapes, bugged out changeups, and witty unpredictability the project is sure to have listeners keeping the album in rotation and on repeat.

The two artists mesh their highly technical abilities and styles with seemingly natural perfection. With HBB8 being their 8th collaborative project together, longtime fans and new listeners are in for a real treat, as they have continued to evolve with each release.

With guest appearances by Jak Progresso, Kool Keith, LABAL-S, Leeroy Destroy, LoDeck, Mike2Twenty, and Red Ox, Hot Bref Boy Volume 8 is set to stake its claim as a monumental hip-hop classic.

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Submitted by I Still Love H.E.R., Germany