Ultra Beast - "Put'Cha Teeth On it" (Album)


“Put’Cha Teeth on It” is the 3rd full-length album from 4-IZE & Señor KAOS as ULTRA BEAST.

With production from the likes of; 9th Wonder, Six Figga Digga, D.R.U.G.S Beats, Illastrate, Team MFN, Floyd the Locsmif + features by RJ Payne, Daylyt, Wordsworth, Punchline, Headkrack, Grey PBD, Scar, Binkis Recs, Legendary Baller, Yamin Semali, Number 2, and Alexander Blane, Ultra Beast invites everyone to take a bite of this champion-level Hip-Hop.

For true lovers of neck-breaking beats and thought-provoking lyricism this new album is something to enhance your taste level. So, cleanse your palate and... PUT'CHA TEETH ON IT.