Optimystic, Australian MC Delivers 'Hip Hop Temperament' EP Ft. Sticky Fingaz, Cappadonna & More


Optimystic, a Hip Hop veteran hailing from Australia, releases 'Hip Hop Temperament' EP, which comes following the global success of his 'Salty Waterz' albums. The 6-track project features Hip Hop heavyweights Sticky Fingaz, Cappadonna, Killah Priest, Kali Ranks, Compton Menace, Strictly D.T, Big Twins, JR, Jarren Benton, and MDMC.

The project brims with Optimystic's signature gritty lyricism that's intensified by hand-picked features. In the track "Heartless" it's evident this EP will have folks running to their pastors and reverends. Optimystic is shooting at clown rappers and killing them off one by one with bullets of steel bars and punchlines. Stream ‘Hip Hop Temperament’ below.