Jus P & Body Bag Ben Unleash 'Fortune Favors The Bold' EP & Interview


Jus P and Body Bag Ben announce the release of their new collaborative EP 'Fortune Favors The Bold." The 6-track project features some of Hip Hop's powerhouses and invites audiences into P's wins and losses, no sugarcoating. The duo offers a bold emcee/producer chemistry sure to leave a lasting impression. Tap into the interview below as P shares more about the album and features, his ability to share personal truths while entertaining, upcoming visuals, and more. 

MJ: You just released a new project titled 'Fortune Favors The Bold' which follows the heels of 'Black Canvas.' The cover art alone speaks volumes about the project. Talk a little bit about the thought and mindset that went into 'Fortune Favors The Bold.'

Jus P: Fortune Favors The Bold was conceptualized and inspired by the film The Spook Who Sat By The Door. The film is about a black man who takes his C.I.A. training back to Chicago and teaches the street gangs how to organize and fight back against oppression. The skits are well thought out clips from the movie. The cover art is a picture of a group of Black Panthers. Our mindset on this project is 2 freedom fighters risking it big for the good of the people.

MJ: The 6-track project comes equipped with heavyweight features including Ruste Juxx, Solomon Childs, and Eff Yoo. Did you know going into the project they were the 'it factor' for those particular tracks? 

Jus P: Each feature is organic and every artist is someone I genuinely deal with. I met Ruste on tour in El Paso Texas. Solomon is someone I've been working with my whole career on almost every project. Eff Yoo is family. So it's only right to get them on this project. 

MJ: You are famed for delivering authentic NY Hip Hop with messages intended to open ears and eyes, and this project is no exception. Without giving too much away, shed some light on the tracks "Penitentiary Chances" and "Bloodseed." 

Jus P: Penitentiary Chances is me reflecting on my past experiences incarcerated in a cautionary way. Blood seed is about exposing the falsehoods of these rapper’s people look up to. 

MJ: What impact on fans, communities, and Hip Hop do you foresee the project having? 

Jus P: The impact I foresee this project having is first adding to my legacy through catalogue. Also letting people learn from experiences wins and losses.

MJ: Are there any accompanying videos to 'Fortune Favors The Bold" that audiences can check out? 

Jus P: Videos are definitely on the way. First up is Snake bite with Ruste Juxx coming asap

MJ: Take this time to share anything else you'd like about the project. 

Jus P: Shout out to the brother Body Bag Ben for being a master producer on the boards. This project us unlike any other project either of us has done. A lot of lessons as well as entertainment on this project. Be sure to check it…


Jus P & Body Bag Ben ‘Fortune Favors the Bold’ available on Clocked In Records.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/fortune-favors-the-bold-ep/1706892677


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