Tre-Dot Delivers Back To Back Singles "Only You" & "Blood Sweat N Tears"


Established, Adult-Contemporary Hip Hop artist Tre-Dot comes through with back-to-back singles, charting worldwide. 
“Blood, Sweat, and Tears” serves as a testimonial scripture. Tre-Dot spews conscious lyricism laced with clever punchlines to depict what he brings to the table. He carries the face of a model while he’s ready for war. An empowering hook echoes and heightens Tre-Dot’s rawness.

“Only You” flows with a captivating blend of 70’s soul and a vintage Hip Hop flow (without sounding dated). Tre-Dot leaves a lasting impression for listeners to decipher if only you refers to love, life, music, etc. Whatever that you is, it will get you through pain, will cover you from the rain, and will be your warmth in the cold. An emotive lyrical performance is both embracing and gripping.

Connect with Tre-Dot

IG @bosstredot @talktoemtre

TikTok @bosstredot

YouTube @hiphopdot 


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